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Stephen Lawrence served a 4 year apprenticeship with Chichester Harbour Yacht Services before moving to Sigma Yachts.  As well as spending time sailing professionally, Stephen has been rigging boats since 1982, becoming self employed in 1992.  SL Yachting Ltd is based at Chichester Harbour, West Sussex and the production of toe rails and rigging takes place at our workshop in Birdham.

SL Yachting manufactures and supplies toe rails from the old YS sections, as well as YS stanchions and YS stanchion bases to suit the YS toe rails.  We also supply many other makes of stanchions, stanchion bases, fairleads, guard wires and toe rail cleats.

We purchased the YS toe rail business from Holt Allen in 2003 and have since been the only manufacturer of toe rails in the UK.  We provide toe rails, stanchions, stanchion bases, fairleads, toe rails cleats and guard wires for all boats including Moody's, Sigma's, Parkers, Prout Catamarans, Oysters and Rustlers amongst many others.

SL Yachting can custom make a toe rail system to suit any craft.  We buy the bare toe rail extrusion and machine them to the customer's requirements.  The toe rails are jig drilled to suit the stanchion bases, milled to accept the fairleads and toe rail cleats and counter sunk drilled to accept either 6mm or 8mm fastenings.



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